Baby Graham

One of my favorite emails to ever receive is when a couple emails me with an awesome announcement to capture their next big moment in life! This was totally the case with Julie and Steven!

Today it suddenly hit me that I get the ultimate privilege to be a part of the most intimate and personal moments of people lives. I’m simply floored. I’m not family, I haven’t been there through thick and thin, and I haven’t known them since childhood. Yet by some amazing miracle, I get this privilege normally only allotted to the closest family and friends: to witness births, to see proposals unravel, to see families grow, to celebrate their 100th birthdays, to be with them during their wedding from morning till night.

I just need to pause, and… Wow… I have such an awesome job. I feel so undeserving to be a part of such intimate beautiful moments, sometimes I even catch myself desperately trying to make up for lost time talking, bonding and laughing with my couples and their friends in hope for making myself “somewhat” worthy of being able to be a part of that moment..>>What am I doing?<< I try even though it seems impossible..and wouldn’t trade these opportunities for the world.

Here I am, with the best view to catalogue these precious moments in life. I feel so privileged and inspired. I will continue working hard to be worthy of this privilege and be the best photographer I can ever be!

Welcome to the world Baby Graham! You have the best parents ever!

HIs little toe!! 😀




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