Monica and Danny Wedding


Monica and Danny’s wedding was nothing short of absolutely PERFECT: intimate, sweet and beautiful. There were so many times I found myself gushing in the corner in awe of how wonderful the wedding was. You could feel the love and support of all the family and friends present, everyone was focused: their attention and love all aimed directly at the lovely couple!

As a wedding photographer, naturally I become an observer of many many weddings– my absolute favorites are the intimate ones (such as this one) You can see how the bride and groom simply flourish and bloom under all the love and care of their family and friends. They get to spend time with each person, talking, greeting, catching up.  Merriment, laughter and happiness are at maximum! Stress is minimal to nonexistent.

Monica and Danny– thank you so much for letting me capture your day! It truly was such a delight and pleasure to be there. 🙂 🙂  Special thank you to my hubs for helping me out all day! 🙂 Enjoy!






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