Niki and Gary | Los Angeles, Azusa Wedding | Lindley Scott House

Niki and Gary had the most sweet and beautiful wedding at the Lindley Scott House. Even months later many of us are still talking about this wedding!  There was simply something in the air! Despite that it was a celebration of their marriage, they had so much consideration for their guests to ensure that each person had a wonderful and enjoyable time! It was clear that everyone (including myself) was incredibly happy and touched! I enjoyed all the sweet details- from the library cards to all the fun flavors of popcorn, the fun was never ending!:)
Congratulations to one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met!  Enjoy their day!



Caroline and Alex | Downtown Los Angeles Proposal | Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Watching Caroline and Alex’s proposal unfold was such a joy and honor! It left me utter awe that I get to partake in such precious moments in peoples lives.   Alex had taken the unknowing Caroline to see an Opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  While they were enjoying the opera, all their close friends  secretly put together a stunning display for their proposal across the street.:) With just half an hour before their arrival, everyone diligently worked together (placing candles, rose petals, twinkle lights, and even tuning the cello) to recreate Alex’s vision for the proposal

As the time for the arrive approached, I had to quickly  find a way to photograph them without being too conspicuous. Luckily, there were many photographers around the area that night,  so I had one of Alex’s friends “pose” as a model for me as I pretended to snap photos of him (but really was taking photos of Alex and Caroline approaching the proposal location) haha:D Once the arrived, Caroline knew right away, her joy, laugher and presence filled the air.:D With the gorgeous LA skyline in the background, Alex  serenade her with a live Cello performance and followed with the proposal.  She said yes!:D The friends ran out from behind the building to wish them a heartfelt congratulations. It was truly a magical night to witness!  Enjoy!:D

Friends diligently tuning the Cello

These two cuties being my location testers:D

She knows!:D

She said YES!:D

All the friends rush out in congratulations



Melody and Andy | Engagement | Loma Linda

Melody and Andy are such a fun loving couple!!:DWe definitely had a “whale” of a good time ha-ha.  Melody absolutely LOVES whales, we had a stuffed animal whale, whale dress, whale rain boots, it was perfect! I first met Melody when I was a new at our adolescent years church: CBCOC. She left such a wonderful impression and I wanted to return over and over.  As an awkward 7th grader, meeting a bunch of people after moving to a new town is always intimidating. New school, new Church, new everything! [I thought it was the end of the world] However on my first night at youth group, she welcomed me with a huge smile and made me feel like I belonged. Needless to say I returned, and it became my home church all through my high school years.:) Her friendly nature and bright smile hasn’t changed a bit over the years! I am so honored to share their adorable engagement set!!:D Enjoy!



Esther and Mike | Yacht Wedding | Commodore Cruises | San Francisco Bay

Esther and Mike are two people I hold super dear to my heart. So thoughtful, considerate and generous: they wanted nothing more than all their guest to have an absolute BLAST at their wedding. True to their wishes, their wedding was an absolute smash! It was full of fun, performances and laughter all around!

All aboard the Grand Cabernet Sauvignon Yacht, we sailed off into the Golden Gate Bride Horizon!:) The adorable details adorning the banquet hall are definitely worth geeking out on. [Especially Esthers Periodic Table seating chart!] Enjoy this wedding adventure from day to night! From morning tea ceremony antics, to a choreographed swing dance, to a fun tassel glow stick sparkler exit. So much fun! ^^


Esther you are gorgeous!!!

Tea ceremony antics had all of us laughing till our stomachs hurt.:D

Fun Bridal Party Gif! ^^

Photographers unit! ^^

Awesome vocalist!

Is this not the coolest seating chart ever??:D





The Ng Family | Santiago Oaks | Orange County

The Ng Family is just about the most happy and lovable family I’ve ever met. Bennett is so sweet, smiley and attentive, he absolutely stole my heart! Jessica and Jason have always been a couple I looked up to! Even now seeing their loving and encouraging ways towards is so inspiring! Bennet just smiles and blossoms under their sweet and gentle care.  :) Jason is someone I always remember with a smile playing upon his face AND….. looked whole lot like Brock (yes the Pokemon trainer) haha!  I remember one time at a volunteer event, Jessica was in charge of the medical supplies and all of us joked that Jason [Brock] finally got his Nurse J !:D Jessica was my caring group leader back when I was a high school freshman. She encouraged me through all my angsty high school years, and was always there to lend an ear, prayer and hug.:):)I haven’t seen them in years but the love and admiration I held for them flooded back in an instant. I’m so excited to share their family set! Enjoy!:)

Look at this cutie pie!!

Yes hello I think I’m in love!

Look at his adorable teethy grin!! Is he just not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

No mommy and daddy please don’t let me touch the ground!