The Ng Family | Santiago Oaks | Orange County

The Ng Family is just about the most happy and lovable family I’ve ever met. Bennett is so sweet, smiley and attentive, he absolutely stole my heart! Jessica and Jason have always been a couple I looked up to! Even now seeing their loving and encouraging ways towards is so inspiring! Bennet just smiles and blossoms under their sweet and gentle care.  :) Jason is someone I always remember with a smile playing upon his face AND….. looked whole lot like Brock (yes the Pokemon trainer) haha!  I remember one time at a volunteer event, Jessica was in charge of the medical supplies and all of us joked that Jason [Brock] finally got his Nurse J !:D Jessica was my caring group leader back when I was a high school freshman. She encouraged me through all my angsty high school years, and was always there to lend an ear, prayer and hug.:):)I haven’t seen them in years but the love and admiration I held for them flooded back in an instant. I’m so excited to share their family set! Enjoy!:)

Look at this cutie pie!!

Yes hello I think I’m in love!

Look at his adorable teethy grin!! Is he just not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

No mommy and daddy please don’t let me touch the ground!



Lisa and Marz | Disneyland Engagement

I’m so excited to share this Disneyland Engagement session!! Fireworks, long exposures,everything magical….I had so many FAVORITE photos.. it was super hard to narrow them down for the blog.

Lisa and Marz are truly an amazing inspiring couple. Lisa was one of the lucky winners of my mini photo-shoot giveaway last year! Being the most sweet and thoughtful person,  she actually accidentally entered the contest with the intention and hope that some of her friends and family might win and enjoy a trip to Disneyland! Her selfless efforts were rewarded and she totally won!:D

Back then I had no idea she was the ever-so-lovely girlfriend of my dear friend Mars! You can imagine what a awesome surprise that was for me!! Mars and I go way back! We met almost a decade ago when I was working at Disneyland! We “graduated” in the same “Zoo Crew” class together. We truly had the most magical and fun jobs in the park!:)

Seeing their fun dynamic– it so clear that every moment is dear, near and sweet to them. Every day is full of love, laughter and smiles all around.

Lisa and Marz, thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of photographing you two.You two warms and inspires my heart.:) It was truly my pleasure! You’re wedding is just around the corner and I’m so excited to see what adventures await you two in the future!! Disneyland date soon please! xoxo

Time Stops for these two:D

Guess who Marz was bestest friends with?:DT..I.. Double GEE GRR!:D

They just NEVER get his nose right!











Paige and Chris | Arroyo Grande Wedding | Peacock Gardens

Paige and Chris’s wedding was truly a beautifully fun party brimming with energy and excitement from beginning to end! If there was ever a perfect combination of elegance and fun– it would be found right here. These two are not only ridiculously good looking, but also the most fun and loving people you will ever meet. While maintaining the high level of fun and energy, not a single ounce of detail was left unattended. Gorgeous, extremely well thought out details were placed in every corner of this wedding! Definitely a photographers dream! Sweet moments and details were everywhere! Enjoy!:)

Adorable bridesmaids dancing around and having a good time!:D

4 generations of rings!

Paige is one of those women that has the ability to lights up any location she’s in. She brings light and whole lot of laughter!:D

What a ridiculously awesome bridal party!:)Complete with Champagne and cigars.




Photography: Michelle Chiu Photography

Venue: Peacock Farms

Videography: Thomas Howell

Caterer: Testa Catering

Officient: Reverend Mike Metcalf

Photobooth: Tinker Tin

DJ- Sean- AMS Entertainment

Florals: Flowers to You By Jessica









Kat and Brett | Forest Falls Maternity

Congratulations to Brett and Kat! Look at them! Absolutely glowing with joy! These two are such a source of light, love and encouragement to others. We are so thankful to have them in our lives!! I’m so excited to share these photos as their precious baby has just recently been born. Both of you are going to be such fantastic parents, Ethan could not possibly hope for a better example to follow. xoxo


Of COURSE we had to bring an element of Star Wars in!






Niki and Gary | La Verne Engagement

Niki and Gary are truly embody everything you would ever dream up about being “sweethearts.” They are not only incredibly sweet and thoughtful to each other, but also to everyone who meets them. I had the pleasure of meeting both during my time at Apple. I remember often gaping in awe at the way Niki managed to seamlessly do 10 billion things with such grace, kindness and efficiency. It was inspiring.  It is truly an honor to be asked to photograph them. I can’t wait for their wedding this coming saturday!! Enjoy!!


How awesome is Gary’s Vespa?