Amy and Dan

Oh Amy, my sweet amazing Amy–She’s such a gift to all those who meet her– warm, caring and excessively generous– she gives so much of herself to others an expects nothing in return.  She and Dan are nothing short of the cutest, wittiest couple ever! haha. Enjoy their mini session!! We have something very exciting and unique planned for their official session later this month, keep an eye out! 

The Braun Family

Effie and Nate are two of the most positive, thoughtful and amazing people you will ever meet. Everything about them is full of life and love!:) These two are exceptionally special to me as they were one of the first couples I had the pleasure of photographing (FIVE years ago) when I was just a budding newbie photographer!

Still the same gorgeous couple, but with the most adorable addition to their family! Enjoy!:):)


my heart melts!

All his expressions!! ahh! Dying from too much cute.

“I see you over there mommy”

Those eyes!! I’m in love!:)




Shab and Jer Wedding

Shab and Jer had the most FUN filled wedding: filled with dancing, laughter and so much energy all around! It was the perfect union of two cultures who really know how to celebrate and have a great time. From young to old, everyone was busting out on the dance floor– smiles all around, there wasn’t a single frown to be found! It was truly a joy to be there to capture all these amazing moments! Enjoy!

Shab you are so gorgeous!

Super sweet first look

So cute! All the bridesmaids surrounded the bride so no guest could take a peek at her!





Monica and Danny Wedding


Monica and Danny’s wedding was nothing short of absolutely PERFECT: intimate, sweet and beautiful. There were so many times I found myself gushing in the corner in awe of how wonderful the wedding was. You could feel the love and support of all the family and friends present, everyone was focused: their attention and love all aimed directly at the lovely couple!

As a wedding photographer, naturally I become an observer of many many weddings– my absolute favorites are the intimate ones (such as this one) You can see how the bride and groom simply flourish and bloom under all the love and care of their family and friends. They get to spend time with each person, talking, greeting, catching up.  Merriment, laughter and happiness are at maximum! Stress is minimal to nonexistent.

Monica and Danny– thank you so much for letting me capture your day! It truly was such a delight and pleasure to be there.:):) Special thank you to my hubs for helping me out all day!:)Enjoy!






Sarah and Tim

Tim and Sarah are sooOOoo incredibly awesome!!! Gary and I love them to pieces!  I had the privilege of meeting them during their time here in Loma Linda for medical school! We will miss them very much as they move their lives over to Cincinnati.

Sarah has the most amazing smile and bubbly personality. You can’t help but feel absolutely at ease around her, like you’ve been best friends for years. She a person that can light up an entire room with her laughter.  And Tim, oh Tim we love him so! he can make anyone grin with a simple look or witty sentence. haha:)

We wish you both the best and will miss you at Taco Tuesdays! Enjoy!