Whitney and Mark Wedding

Whitney and Mark are an amazing, beautiful couple with such a well-planned wedding! Whitney knew exactly what she wanted, and she made it all happen! She put so much heart into the details and it really showed. The incredible Annette (Your Day Ally, the wedding coordinator) must also be credited.  She was able to pull off Whitney’s vision flawlessly (as usual) on the day of the wedding.  We got to explore new photography ideas for this wedding: heart bokeh, throwing confetti, and more! I’m so excited to finally share this! Enjoy!





Lauri and Mo

Lauri and Mo are truly two of the kindest, considerate and caring people you will meet! What I totally didn’t expect was that they have super awesome fun quirky side too!!:D I had such a wonderful time with them both in the forest and the coffee shop we accidentally stumbled upon! Such a gem in the middle of no-where!:D Enjoy!:DTheir wedding photos to come soon:D





The Fong Family

Be prepared for the cutest daughters in the world!  This truly is very belated post, but I’m so excited to share it none the less! These girls absolutely stole my heart, and they’ll steal your’s as well:)We had so much fun hanging out together, and at the end of it all, they whispered in my ear and asked if we could have a playdate. (Too Sweet!)

Enjoy this sweet family and be prepared for a cavity!:)

I brought Mochi as a little ice breaker with the girls, and he fit right into the family! haha:D:D





Amber and Marc’s Disneyland Adventure

I am currently vacationing at Walt Disney World and I can think of no better couple to blog about than the wonderful Amber and Marc !

The thing we were the most excited about when planning our trip was all the different locations we could trade Vinylmations (collect able Mickey figurines in all sorts of colors and designs) This lovely couple introduced us to the wonderful world of Vinylmations and now we are hoked! Haha:)

This shoot was to celebrate their 5 year anniversary! We instantly bonded over our love for Disney, Harry Potter, Twilight and other geeky things:)I am so blessed to call these two friends now! I hope  we can run a Disney marathon and trade Vinylmations together for many years to come!

Enjoy their fun day!







Shab and Jer

I just have to say one thing first: HELIPAD

SERIOUSLY!! How cool is that??? And with an amazing couple just as cool to match, it was a photographers dream!! Shab and Jer are simply so wonderful and fun to hang out with! Our whole shoot just felt like we we were hanging out with some friends, eating and bonding over being foodies:D I’ve always heard of Bottega Louie, and loved their amazing macaron’s, but actually eat there? Wow, my eye’s (I mean my stomach, was BEYOND happy)

Check out their ultra cool shoot!! Huge thank you to my beloved Kat, for being my human light stand and just a wonderful source of encouragement and support all around! I love you!