Phebe and Brian Wedding

Energy, Joy and fun are three words that barely describe how awesome Phebe and Brian’s wedding was. From the early morning tea ceremony antics, to the Lion dances at the end of the night, there wasn’t a single dull moment. Despite this wedding being one of the longest I have ever shot, I couldn’t help but feel exuberant at the end of the night. The closeness of the friends and family were undeniable, and the energy there that night was one that paralleled no other.  I felt blessed just to be surrounded by such great company the entire day.

Thanks to my dear friend Emily. This was one of the weddings I ended up being the most spoiled at. Phebe as well as her bridesmaids absolutely pampered Jingyi and I throughout the day. Making sure we had food and water, asking if we were okay, even occasionally helping us with our gear. (Wow) I felt inspired by all the kindness and care shown.

Phebe and Brian, Thank you so much for letting me capture such a fun day. 🙂 I had a great time and hope we can keep in touch for years to come!  Special thank you to Jingyi for shooting with me and introducing me to the most awesome contraption ever (a rolling camera bag)

Adorable bridesmaids made Brian Dance and sing while stuffing bread into his mouth

Next they had to roll the oranges up to their mouths without using any hands

Doing enough pushup to finish the entire plate of cereal. haha 😛

Brian passed all the tortuous task and got to see his lovely bride

Cinderella receives her shoes 😀

Gorgeous Phebe!

The most adorable bridesmaids ever. 

Beautiful Day

It looks sunny, but it was actually freezing cold, especially for the girls. thanks for braving the cold with me!

Guys humoring my idea 😀

Love this photo of them

Phebe’s friend made all these cute signs

Folded 1000 golden paper cranes

I love how so many items were made by beloved friends and family, including these adorable cupcakes!

Phebe used to be on the Lion Dance Team. so her team traveled far to perform specially for the wedding 🙂

Largest cake cutting saber ever 😀

I love these dancing photos because they truly capture the amount of joy an energy there that night! 😀

Love this little gem caught between all the dancing friends


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