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Kathy and Brett Encore Wedding Session

Kathy and Brett have a very rare heartwarming love story. They were both each others first loves, high school sweethearts, originally of different faiths, AND long distance for a majority of their relationship. After high school, their relationship was separated by cities: Kathy attended UCI while Brett was at UCSD. After they graduated their engagement […]

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Kathy and Brett Mini-Engagement

This was totally a spur of the moment-omg-the-lighting-is-amazing-today-lets-go-to-the-field-by-my-house mini minute engagement session. haha =) Β Kat and Brett wanted a picture to be able to print on a Canvas for their upcoming wedding, and it just happened to be a GORGEOUS day for photos. So Brett borrowed one of Gary (my hubs) dress shirts, and Kat […]

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Chris and Daphne Engagement Collection

  Daphne and Chris shattered my cuteness meter! These two are just such a wonderful mix of silliness, awesomeness and good-looking-ness all swirled together. They met on a missions trip in Hawaii, started dating shortly after and have been together ever since! ^_^ Β Daphne is absolutely adorable to the max–patient, kind, considerate, and GORGEOUS. And […]

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