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Lisa and Van 3 Year Anniversary

Happy three year anniversary to Lisa and Van and also Ellie their adorable “dogder” (dog daugther) The way they met was so cute: As Lisa described, “We were frenemies.  Our families were close when we were young and we lived in the same neighborhood.  We hated each other.  Thankfully, his family moved to Oregon and […]

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Yvonne and Art Maternity

Art and Yvonne are probably one of the most chill and hilarious couples I’ve met.  Arts always teasing and throwing playful insults at Yvonne, and Yvonne just throws them right back at him causing all three of us to burst out laughing. 🙂  Art and Yvonne seem to be my first for everything! They were […]

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Kathy and Brett Mini-Engagement

This was totally a spur of the moment-omg-the-lighting-is-amazing-today-lets-go-to-the-field-by-my-house mini minute engagement session. haha =)  Kat and Brett wanted a picture to be able to print on a Canvas for their upcoming wedding, and it just happened to be a GORGEOUS day for photos. So Brett borrowed one of Gary (my hubs) dress shirts, and Kat […]

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