Terry and Brian Wedding

Terry and Brian’s Wedding took place at the beautiful Morgan Run Club and Resort in Rancho Sante Fe!  These two met in the cutest of CUTE ways! Almost like a story from a asian drama! As promised, here is their story:

A modern take on “Love at First site”

The very first time they met was 1st year of college at the UCSD bookstore. Terry was in line to pay for her books, when she was directed to a guy who -quote- “was cute! the cutest guy in the whole wide world!” and made her insides flutter.   Heres the  meeting as told by Terry:

“At this point, I was freaking out at the thought of having to make eye contact and speak with this dude because I am super shy!  My face started to get all red and I kept looking down as I handed him my info to get my books. (All I wanted to do was to get out of there ASAP.) In the midst of me panicking in my own head, the dude said some words to me about my books not being all there yet and that I had to get the rest across the room from him. I quickly said “okay okay” and he started jotting down the names of the missing books for me. As he was about to finish writing all the titles down, I blurted out “I don’t want to get those books today!” (I just couldn’t stay in the same room with him any longer.) His response was “okay…. are you sure cause you’re just wasting your time getting them later in the bookstore.” I said it was okay, grabbed whatever I had, and left immediately.”

A few days later Terry found herself back at the bookstore, and *somehow* bumped into Brian again! In such a large campus, its pretty unlikely to bump into people so it was definitely a sign!  And then the perfect opportunity arose for them to meet again, APSA social event!  After that, they got to know each other just a bit more, and after some flirting (which Terry was unaware of) they told each other they liked each other 🙂

As Terry says “It may not have been exactly “love at first” but there was definitely “something special at first sight”.  I consider myself to be a very lucky gal to be able to find my perfect someone so early in my life.  Sometimes there’s just that little something about that person and I thank all my lucky stars that I had such a strong feeling about this one that day at the bookstore. ”

Terry and Brian, Thank you so much for letting me capture your special day! Huge thank you to Eileen for 2nd shooting with me! 😀

Love it when the parents, Aunties and Uncles own the dance floor! 😀

heeEeeeyy Sexy Laaay-day

op op op op OPPA GANGNAM style! 












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