Wendy and Brian

Wendy and Brian are two of the kindest people I have ever met, you can easily see how deeply they care for each other as well as others! Hanging out with them felt like hanging out with friends I’ve known for years! Both of them are very warm and so easy to be around. Its only fitting that the two kindest people in the world find each other.  🙂

Wendy and Brian met at USC and enjoy going to the batting cages on their dates! We centered the shoot around these two aspects of their relationship and played it by ear from there! 😀  Initially, Wendy was a bit camera shy at first, I have no idea why! She’s so beautiful and gorgeous!! For the first few shots she would shy away in the most adorable way that I wish I could run at lightning speed to capture her hidden expression on the other side of Brian! We snapped a few practice shots and after warming up to the camera a bit, it was all smiles and laughter the rest of the day!


I loved that they both picked clothing that they felt comfortable in. Wendy is actually wearing one of her favorite jackets she calls “bluey.”

I saw that neat window and asked them to not only climb on, but also jump while they were up there! 😛  Thanks for being so brave you guys! 😀

We’re pretty sure a USC security guard left this unattended….. hehe oh well! 😛

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