Monthly Archives: February 2012

Carol and Andy Disneyland Engagement

Carol and Andy are so freaking adorable, they are a wonderful mix of nerdy-smart and fun-adventurous-up for anything! Carol is an optometrist and Andy is a Doctor, so we had so many fun medical geeky-ness to play around with! Carol is one of those girls you kind of can’t help but become totally charmed by, […]

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Mia and Paul

Mia and Paul’s wedding was a stunningly grand event! What a DREAM for a photographer, so much culture, color and energy to capture!  Complete with Fire-eating belly dancers, gorgeous San Diego skyline, traditional lion dance performance and much more! The cherry on top for me was definitely the sweetness of the bride and groom. Despite the […]

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The Daley Family

I LOVE the Daleys! They are everything I hope to be one day if I have a family: Encouraging, Fun, Intelligent, Humble, Wonderful!  I had the joy of taking their Holiday photos again this year at the beautiful botanical gardens.  I always get so excited about their new crafting projects and drool worthy recipes that […]

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