Janelle and Fred Destination Wedding in Paris

Going to Paris and shooting a destination wedding was an absolute dream! Not only was the whole experience a dream, but the wedding itself was a dream wedding: intimate, overflowing with love and stunningly gorgeous.

Where do I even start, Paris was amazing: the scenery, the people, the food (OH THE FOOD! yum!)  I felt like all my days consisted of touring, shopping and snacking on cakes and macarons. The best part was my best friend and best cousin (both named Joann(e) were there with me) the best cherry on top any girl could ask for.

This was extra eye opening experience  because 5 years ago my best friend Joann and I were starving poor college students. We were so poor, we didn’t even want to turn on the heat in the cold winter. Instead we would light little tea candles in our rooms in hopes they would warm our home a bit. Sad, but they were still happy times. 🙂  Fast forward 5 years later, we never ever EVER EVER imagined we would have the luxury of BOTH being in PARIS for BUSINESS! (pinch me!) I am so thankful and can only credit all this to God.

Enough about me! On to the sweet sweet couple. Janelle and Fred are undeniably so in love with one another, the kind that you see in love stories and the movies. They had me sighing and swooning the entire wedding. Both went through so much hardship to make this wedding happen, and it went so beautifully that I was moved to tears. I was so happy for them, I was genuinely crying tears of joy. All the gorgeous details were made possible through the love and help of their closest friends: Janelle’s bow on her wedding gown was made by her friend Jennie, her make-up was done by her Russian friend, the delicious lavender cake was baked by pastry chef friend Alison, the bouquets were put together by her mother, I and dear friend Gina. I was personally housed by the Gina, she was the sweetest and most kind person I’ve ever met. Their are no other words to describe this experience except amazing, humbling and full of love.

Janelle and Fred: thank you SOO much for having me, words can not describe how grateful I am, and how happy I am for the both of you. Gary and I will be praying for you both and I hope one day we can be reunited in the states or in Paris! 😀 Can’t wait to see both of you and your adorable cat again!  Also a HUGE HUGE special thank you to Gina, for being the most wonderful host and helping me 2nd shoot during the ceremony, I have no idea what I would have done without your kindess and hospitality, I only hope that one day I can have the opportunity to return the favor. 🙂

Talented friend from Russia doing her makeup!

The beautiful Gina putting together the bridal bouquet

Such a simple beautiful dress!

janelle’s mom prepared many delicious snacks for us in the morning!

Isn’t she stunning??

LOVE that bowtie Fred!!

Capture this little gem: a fist bump with the best man before the wedding 😀

this gorgeous woman, seriously beautiful inside and out!

This sweet bridal party cracked me up the entire day 😀 Kept a huge smile on everyone’s faces!

I was trying super hard not to tear up right about now.

Amazing live music!! Fun Fact, that lovely girl is “friends with” a very pretty princess at Disneyland Paris (with lips red as a rose and skin white as ebony) 😀

I hid in a little pew and shot through it to get these fun vignette shapes! 😀

So happy to be married! 😀

Simply in love with this window! 😀

Delicious Lavender cake baked by their talented Pastry Chef friend Allison

SOO cute! Asked these two to “touch noses” and this is what happened! 😀 😀

Can you recognize this location from the movie Inception? 😀 😀

Super gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower! Swoon!!

Such a gorgeous couple, So in love!

Sunsets around 10:00pm in Paris, and dusk last for about an  HOUR. Photographers dream!!

The Pont Alexandre III bridge was simple breathtaking! Stay tuned for the Day After shoot! We took many more beautiful photos on this gorgeous bridge during the day! ;D


mondo - December 5, 2012 - 1:51 pm

very nice. also love the new branding…very you.

Maritha - January 16, 2013 - 11:27 pm

Love the emotions and joy in these. They can be felt! 🙂

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