Jeannette and Jeff

Jeannette and Jeff have such a sweet story. They met in Japan on a 5-day Japan bus tour.  Jeannette was in vacation with her family, while Jeff was on vacation with his family.  They did not recognize each other, but little did they know, they had actually met each other 20 years ago. During the tour they began talking to one another, and Jeannettes father felt that Jeff looked familiar and they realized their parents actually knew each other!  The unlikeliness of this situation was uncanny, it was clear Jeannette and Jeff were just meant to be! 😀 😀

Tangerines and Pomelos are an inside joke for them 😀

Jeff got Jeanette a Motorola phone that helped them to reconnect! So Sweet!

The origami was a symbol of them meeting in Japan 😀


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