Kathy and Brett Mini-Engagement

This was totally a spur of the moment-omg-the-lighting-is-amazing-today-lets-go-to-the-field-by-my-house mini minute engagement session. haha =)  Kat and Brett wanted a picture to be able to print on a Canvas for their upcoming wedding, and it just happened to be a GORGEOUS day for photos. So Brett borrowed one of Gary (my hubs) dress shirts, and Kat borrowed one of my dresses and we went off on an adventure to the gorgeous flower field right next to my house!  It was only a 15 minute shoot, but I was really happy with the results! I can’t wait for your wedding, just 5 more days!

Kat and Brett are just so fun!  Brett planned out the most amazing and elaborate proposal ever! Kathy is a huge fan of snow globes, so Brett wanted to find a way to propose to her inside a giant snow globe. So just how did he accomplish this?  He ordered a walking water ball from overseas, built and decorated a frame inside, commissioned a giant vaccum to blow the “snow globe” up, and filled the globe with white packing peanuts to blow around. It was truly magical.

Kat and Brett are both very close friends of Gary and mine! Brett lived with Gary during college, Brett’s intense collection of Star Wars Memorabilia definitely served as a springboard for so many amazing and fun college memories! Light saber battles, drawing out star-wars story books, and OF COURSE yearly comic-con costume mania!  Kat is now living with me for a month and a half before her wedding doing a rotation at a local hospital. Its been so nice just enjoying her company while she’s here and making her watch countless cute episodes of shows with me. Not to mention she loves doing dishes! Live with me forever? Please?




I love this picture because I feel like I hear Kat’s adorable laughter


Tiffany - May 10, 2011 - 5:57 pm

OMG! 15min session?! you’re seriously amazing and brett and kat are seriously stunning! *jealous*

Nancy Tsay - May 11, 2011 - 10:10 pm

aw good job, michelle! i’ll see you at brett’s wedding! =)

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