Lisa and Marz | Disneyland Engagement

I’m so excited to share this Disneyland Engagement session!! Fireworks, long exposures,everything magical….I had so many FAVORITE photos.. it was super hard to narrow them down for the blog.

Lisa and Marz are truly an amazing inspiring couple. Lisa was one of the lucky winners of my mini photo-shoot giveaway last year! Being the most sweet and thoughtful person,  she actually accidentally entered the contest with the intention and hope that some of her friends and family might win and enjoy a trip to Disneyland! Her selfless efforts were rewarded and she totally won! 😀

Back then I had no idea she was the ever-so-lovely girlfriend of my dear friend Mars! You can imagine what a awesome surprise that was for me!! Mars and I go way back! We met almost a decade ago when I was working at Disneyland! We “graduated” in the same “Zoo Crew” class together. We truly had the most magical and fun jobs in the park! 🙂

Seeing their fun dynamic– it so clear that every moment is dear, near and sweet to them. Every day is full of love, laughter and smiles all around.

Lisa and Marz, thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of photographing you two.You two warms and inspires my heart. 🙂 It was truly my pleasure! You’re wedding is just around the corner and I’m so excited to see what adventures await you two in the future!! Disneyland date soon please! xoxo

Time Stops for these two 😀

Guess who Marz was bestest friends with? 😀 T..I.. Double GEE GRR! 😀

They just NEVER get his nose right!









[…] Location: Disneyland Photography: Michelle Chiu Photography […]

[…] Location: Disneyland Photography: Michelle Chiu Photography […]

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