Liz and Nathan Wedding

Liz and Nathans wedding was one of the few weddings that actually made me yearn to be a wedding videographer. The amount of professional musical talent present was unbelievable, an orchestra, a Jazz band, even their very own family band! (You name the instrument, they probably had it!) Everything sounded simply divine! With photographs, you can capture the moment, the emotion, the tears, the hugs, you can even capture the idea that a sound is projecting, but you cannot capture the sound itself.

The emotional high of this wedding was one that topped many.  I felt my self having to fight back tears of joy and attempt to maintain a professional front multiple times during the ceremony and reception (and especially during the father daughter dance) I’m not sure if was because I knew the bride and the family personally, or because of the overwhelming feeling of love emanating from every person in the room or perhaps it was both. The feeling of family, belonging and love radiated from every corner and I felt so blessed to have the privilege of being there. There was so much to capture, my final photo count was the largest I’ve ever had period. haha 😀

Liz and Nathan, thank you so much for having me shoot your wedding! I enjoyed every moment of it, and look forward to seeing what new adventures await you both! Special thank you to Courtney, Eileen and Keri for shooting with me that day, you guys held my chair so I wouldn’t fall, protected me from the rain, and were an incredible support team! 🙂 xoxo

Jennessa for being a super awesome door guard. No one is allowed in to see the bride! 😀  😀

Liz bought these adorable necklaces from Etsy for each bridesmaid!

Nathans face totally cracks me up! 😀

I wish you could hear what they were playing. Simply Divine! I’m so lucky I had my camera to hide my gaping face.

It was rainy, overcast and very cold! But the lighting was PERFECT. You guys were wonderful sports and such troopers! Thanks for braving the weather with me.

absolutely love their coral tone dresses

The wedding landed on St. Patricks day so all the girls painted one nail green! Cute!!

Ask the guys to copy the girls 😀 Thanks for being such great sports!


look at that explosive kiss!

Bridal Party had a fun entrance dance!

Uncle Jerry (father of the bride) sang the first dance song

The father daughter dance had me fighting back tears.

All the sweet bridesmaids came to comfort and hug Liz after her dance with her father

Now the whole family performed Amazing Grace. With Grandma signing and Grandpa playing the Harmonica!

You may recognize Chris and Daphne from the Mr and Mrs Smith Engagement session 😀

This little cutie had the crowds roaring!

One of my favorite photos of the night 😀

Nathan totally getting his groove on.

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