Sonia and Alvin

Sonia and Alvin are both Anesthesiologist have such a fun story!  They met when Sonia was a visiting medical student and Alvin was a second year anesthesia resident. As Alvin tells it:

“I was quite rude the day we met because he was on call and asked by the anesthesia secretary to come and give her a tour of the anesthesia areas.  I was on the phone with the secretary (while Sonia was in the secretary’s office) begging the secretary to find someone else to give her a tour because I didn’t want to take the elevator two floors up.  After much begging and pleading, I finally asked the secretary “is she cute?”, the secretary said “actually Yes”.  So I dragged my grumpy self up to meet her, we were friends for about a year and started dating when she started her residency in 2009”

Sonia tells me, she brought him some of her mom’s homemade wontons and Alvin started to being nice to her.  😀

While brainstorming for their shoot, I fell in love with Sonia, she was so fun to talk to, I could tell we clicked instantly. It was great to be able to chat with someone about what my husband was going through in Medical school. Sonia and Alvin were both were so kind to offer to answer any questions I had and I appreciated it so much!! 😀 While brainstorming for our shoot,  we went through many different ideas: Disneyland, Hospital, Picnic, Park, but ultimately what they decided was the most important was the inclusion of Muddy: their adorable sweet beagle.  We decided to do their shoot just around their neighborhood in San Diego, and I was shocked at how GORGEOUS their neighborhood was! You simply couldn’t go wrong! 😀  I hope you guys enjoy this set 😀 😀

Muddy was so adorable!!

Alvin plays golf 😀 and we used his golf balls along with some Scrabble slam cards to create this fun Save the Date! 😀

LOVE this so much! haha 😀

I gotta get myself one of these on-the-go scrabble boards! Absolutely genius!

[…] Muddy was also a included in  Sonia’s and Alvin’s awesome engagement photos. […]

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