I just got back from my lovely trip in Jamaica! Much needed vacation, had a super lovely time! I’ll be posting up pictures soon! 🙂 🙂

This is a very long overdue post! I definitely wanted to be able to blog their engagement (especially before their wedding!)

Brad and Kristina are ULTRA adorable right?? and super photogenic, they made my job so easy! We went on an adventure hiking through Mt. Baldy =) I made them climb up boulders, cross icy cold rivers, climb branches, all while having to look super happy haha =)

Brad proposed to Kristina by sending her on a video adventure and then proposing to her singing “Then” by Brad Paisley on the ukelele. Meeting them as a couple was such a treat. I always see Brad at work, but seeing him so sweet with Kristina makes me smile and giggle haha =)

Thanks guys for being such troopers! Can’t wait for your wedding! ♥




Brad is an amazing artist!



iPhone commercial anyone? =) TOO adorable!